What to Consider When Meeting Your Practitioner

A Reiki session should match your needs and your preferences; after all, it is your healing session.  The demeanor of the practitioner is very important. Choose a practitioner whom you like, and with whom you feel comfortable. You may find that the type of person you prefer changes through time, along your personal healing path or with the intention of your visit.

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Jenny Culver

 A former registered nurse & educator, I'm also a loving mom & wife who is passionate about holistic solutions for our health; body, mind and soul!  

 As a Certified Reiki practitioner, I feel it's crucial to use self-treatment and meditation & continuing educationas part of my own personal development. And I encourage clients to do the same. After a session I like to provide tools and techniques clients can use at home to maintain and progress their healing until they're ready to visit with me again!

Gifted Reiki practitioners come in all shapes, ages, and orientations. While we all have passionate views, my overall tone is always to be inclusive. Kindness, sincerity, and "real-ness"  are my goals for depth of practice and integration of the Reiki principles. 

I strive to build  a sense of safety with my clients so they will feel comfortable during their sessions, experiencing the full benefits of Reiki and are willing to ask questions. Go with your gut feeling. Trusting your intuition will support your growth as in Reiki!

I would be blessed to share Reiki with you!